Eddie Adams “An Unlikely Weapon” a free showing at the Navy Memorial – by Johnny Bivera

ARLINGTON, Va.—The public is invited to attend a free special screening of “An Unlikely Weapon,” a film about Pulitzer Prize winning combat photojournalist Eddie Adams.  It will be shown Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 5:30pm at the auditorium of the Navy Memorial in downtown D.C. next to the Metro.

The film is being shown as part of the 6th annual DC Shoot Off, a visual communications training event for military and civil service photographers.  More info is available at www.shootoff.org

Local photographers who attend the movie screening–regardless of whether they are participating in the Shoot Off–can have their photographic portfolio reviewed and critiqued by Shoot Off instructors, free of charge.

The Shoot Off includes a full day of presentations by renowned professionals and recognized experts in visual communication to include members of the White House Press Corps, authors, editors, and acclaimed military photographers.  Members can participate in a 24 hour competition, creating images based on a chosen theme.  “One theme, infinite possibilities” is the guiding principle as students turn in a maximum of 5 photos.  Winners are recognized with prizes and awards.

Space is still available for additional participants who are military or government photographers. We have extended the invitation to university photography students and affiliates (friend) of the National Association of Naval Photography (NANP).  You can become a member of NANP by visiting www.nanpmembership.info and for more on the workshop visit www.shootoff.org

Please feel free to contact Shoot Off Visual Media Workshop Executive Director Johnny Bivera at 202-251-8094 or jbfoto@aol.com


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