Concerts Kick Off 4th of July Celebrations – by Johnny Bivera

At Yards Park between the baseball stadium and Navy Yard, concerts hailing over 40 bands play for the 4th of July celebrations.  It was a very hot afternoon that may have kept foot traffic from leaving AC dwellings to maybe watching the Nats play the Pirates before joining us for some live music.  It was still early and by 3:30 a breeze from Suitland and across the river came in steadily, providing some much-needed relief just before the possibility of heat stroke.

The 4th will most likely bring in quite a crowd, the kind I was hoping to see today, but I did get to see a few groups give it their all despite the heat.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Fuzz, a modern rock and pop cover band from Arlington, Va.  With their new frontman singer, keyboardist and performer Mandi Meros made for a great addition alongside

singer Mike Leverone.  Drummer Mike Lumer or the “Animal” was great to watch despite the heat and sweat building up behind the stars and stripes and also with the occasional rift from guitarist Matthew Berry… this is a tight and exciting sound that I would very much enjoy watching again.

The festival boasts a number of food and drink vendors as well, giving the Yard a boardwalk feel next to the water.  I find the area that I’m experiencing for the first time pretty cool and look forward to future events in the days to come.

I did manage to capture some of the dancers.  The best part was that it wasn’t crowded, so there was a lot of room to play with a little drag shutter I hadn’t done in awhile.

I stayed long enough to make it through a glass of lemonade and the $2 refill and left for a dinner party where a nice cold glass of Corona was waiting.  I also made it out just in time before the thunderstorm… I hope the rest of the evening portion of the concert went well for everyone…  Happy 4th of July!


One Response to “Concerts Kick Off 4th of July Celebrations – by Johnny Bivera”

  1. Love the opening shot! 🙂

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